What is a Seltzer? 

A seltzer is a delicious combination of carbonated water with added flavours.


What is a 'Hard' Seltzer? 

A Hard Seltzer is a Seltzer with alcohol. The inclusion of alcohol can be by way of the addition of spirit (usually vodka) or a brewed grain process.


Why are you bottled and not in a can like most other hard seltzers? 

We use real ingredients in Australian Seltzer Co. and with the inclusion of real finger lime juice its acidity causes aluminium cans to corrode.  


Isn't it unhealthy to have sugar in your drink? 

Too much sugar is bad for you but 2.4g per 100ml is a perfect balance to give you a deliciously tasting drink without too much sugar.


Why is Australian Seltzer Co. so popular? 

Our customers not only love the deliciously tasting drink, they also love the fact that they are supporting Australian businesses including producers. 


Why is Lemon Myrtle such an important component of Australian Seltzer Co?

Lemon Myrtle has so many health benefits we couldn't list them all but if you click here you will learn all there is to know from our friends at Australian Native Products.


Do you make any other flavoured seltzers?

Watch this space! Our team are currently finalising our second flavour which  is full of delicious Australian native products.